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A Wealthy Life

Jan 25, 2024

πŸ”Š IT'S HERE! 🎊 Our 100th episode is live!


Join the celebration by listening to this special milestone.


Welcome to a special milestone celebration with the 100th edition of A Wealthy Life, where along with past guests, we reflect on a treasure trove of insights on defining success, embracing failure, and avoiding the pitfalls of regret.


Discover how personal goals and living life on one's own terms can shape a truly successful existence, while also learning how perceived failures can be stepping stones to growth and how the sting of regret often comes from opportunities not seized.


This edition isn't just a celebration; it's a masterclass in building a life that's both wealthy in resources and rich in meaning.


Hear our discussion on the five core principles of a wealthy life and how clarity, control, and leveraging resources like mental and financial health are essential.


Explore with us the power of legacy and the profound impact of financial security in creating a life that extends beyond personal achievement, enabling passions to flourish and leaving a mark on the world. We also touch on the transformative nature of property investment and its role in securing financial freedom.


We discuss the significance of questioning societal norms to gain a better grip on our destinies and understand the deep connection between parental hopes for their children's happiness and the role of vision in fulfilling these desires.


As we look back on this journey, it becomes clear that a wealthy life isn't solely about financial accumulation but encompasses family, impact, and crafting a legacy that makes the world richer for our presence.


Thank you for being a part of this journey! πŸ™Œ


--------- EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS ---------


(0:12:32) - Wealthy Life Principles

(0:17:49) - Creating a Wealthy Life

(0:27:32) - Achieving Control and Success

(0:31:41) - Exploring Budgeting, Leverage, and Property Investment

(0:45:28) - Wealthy Life, Positive Legacy

(0:50:57) - Wealth Building, Delegation, and Retirement Planning


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