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A Wealthy Life

Feb 15, 2024


Join me as I welcome Sean, a property tax accountant with a wealth of knowledge for expats and investors alike.


In this episode, we tackle the crucial steps for cultivating a productive partnership with your accountant, steering clear of the dreaded year-end frenzy.


Listen in as Sean shares the secrets to modern accounting methods, such as the beauty of real-time bookkeeping and the transformative power of cloud accounting platforms, which can reshape how you make timely business and tax decisions.


Talking through the accounting services, this discussion illuminates the shift towards a monthly fee model and how it benefits your business.


With the expertise of Sean, we look into how this approach provides constant access to your financial performance, fostering a strong relationship with your accountant and ensuring that you're poised for proactive financial management.


We also discuss the significance of choosing the right service package and the strategic value of having a business plan, so that you can measure progress and adapt swiftly to meet your targets.


We touch on various topics from the convenience of separate bank accounts for property investments to the ethics of tax evasion and VAT considerations as well as the best practices for handling Director's Loans and discuss the pros and cons of company versus personal investment structures.


For anyone invested in property, this episode is full of insights and strategies, all designed to keep you on the right side of the ledger and ahead of the game.



--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------


(0:00:09) - Improving the Relationship With Your Accountant

(0:11:43) - Accounting Packages and Communication Importance

(0:21:27) - Managing Separate Bank Accounts for Properties

(0:25:26) - Managing Expenses and Business Deductions

(0:41:19) - Tax, VAT, and Director's Loans



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