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A Wealthy Life

Feb 22, 2024


In this episode, I am re-joined by Sean, The Property Tax Accountant

Sean breaks down the pivotal question many investors grapple with: should you hold property in your personal name or within a limited company? 

With recent tax changes like Section 24 shaking up the landscape, Sean unravels the implications for landlords and underscores that personal circumstances dictate the best approach. 

We also discuss the additional responsibilities that come with corporate ownership and why individual financial insights, coupled with a skilled accountant's guidance, are indispensable in making informed decisions.

We examine the legalities of tax planning, the illegality of evasion, and the ethical grey area of avoidance, particularly the aggressive kind that stays within the law's bounds.

We tackle the considerations for using a limited company for property investment, the strategic planning involved in setting up such a company, and the benefits of group structures like Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

Sean also highlights the significance of cultivating strong relationships with professional advisors who can help navigate tax and financial planning. 

As a parting gift, we cover the importance of understanding business tax essentials and why trusting professionals with your accounts is crucial. 

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