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A Wealthy Life

Mar 7, 2024

When family and business mix, the results can be a complex blend of love, loyalty, and the occasional tug-of-war over the remote control of decision-making. 

Rachel Troughton joins me to unravel the delicate dynamics of working with loved ones in the property realm. 

Imagine leading a business where the boardroom table might also be where you eat Sunday dinner. That's the reality for many in generational family enterprises, where the lines between personal and professional often blur. 

In this discussion, I share the emotional intricacies when not every family member shares the same enthusiasm for the family trade. 

We navigate through the potential obstacles of bringing spouses, offspring, or friends into the fold, underscoring the importance of aligned values and crystal-clear communication. 

As we wrap up, we highlight the critical nature of legal diligence, especially in the property sector, and urge our listeners to weigh their options and consider the implications of every business alliance they enter. 


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--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------


(0:01:11) - Navigating Working Relationships in Business

(0:13:22) - Navigating Family Dynamics in Business

(0:19:04) - Business Partnerships and Family Dynamics

(0:25:00) - Property Investment Joint Venture Strategies

(0:33:00) - Impact of Joint Ventures in Property

(0:44:30) - Navigating Property Partnerships and Legal Responsibilities



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