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A Wealthy Life

Mar 14, 2024

Have you ever had a moment in the most ordinary of places that completely altered your perspective on something as seemingly complex as the stock market? 


That's exactly what happened to our returning guest, the brilliant Elizabeth Pearson, and she's here again to share not only this humorous slice of life but also her wealth of expertise on women's unique challenges in the realm of investing. 


Together, we discuss the often exclusionary language that can make the financial world seem intimidating and advocating for a purpose-driven approach to wealth—where success is measured by personal fulfillment as much as financial gains. 


We tackle the idea of personal responsibility and its crucial role in fostering a balanced world where wealth isn't hoarded but used to support essential services and ultimately, to contribute positively. 


We also discuss how instilling financial literacy in the younger generation could be the cornerstone of a future populated by savvy, responsible investors. 


Tune in for an episode filled with insightful strategies for aligning your life with your financial goals.



--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------


(0:01:20) - Challenges Women Face in Wealth

(0:16:20) - Creating Equity and Awareness for All

(0:24:00) - Financial Integrity and Contribution




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