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A Wealthy Life

Apr 25, 2024

This week, I pulled back the curtain on my life in this industry, sharing the beats of property viewings and negotiations. 


With tales of a four-hour drive to scope out prospects, and the stamina needed to tackle ten viewings in a single day, I weave a narrative of a profession that's as demanding as it is rewarding. 


It's a glimpse into a world where strategy and knowledge are currency, and where every deal struck is a step closer to harmonising our personal and professional tunes.


Managing a property concierge and project management service is akin to conducting an orchestra; it's about ensuring each section comes in at the right time, creating a symphony of success. 


This episode reveals the art of juggling commitments, from month-long trips to the Maldives to staying plugged into the pulse of the business. 



For those poised to dive into property investment or ignite their own sourcing venture, this episode is a mentor's guiding hand.



--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------


(0:00:08) - Property Sourcing Business Investment Lifestyle

(0:13:27) - Property Investing

(0:28:20) - Property Investing Strategy and Opportunity

(0:33:11) - Property Sourcing and Investment Inspiration




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