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A Wealthy Life

Jan 5, 2023

Episode 45: Everyone knows you’re faking it


Why? Because they’re faking it as well. I’m not talking about “faking it ‘til you make it.” That can often work and serve the purpose of giving you confidence until you achieve your goals. I’m talking about trying to delude yourself or others that you’re something that you’re not or that your life is different than it is.


To have a truly sustainable, wealthy life you must be in control of your thoughts and desires. If you spend your energy trying to chase others’ approval, you will never get it. Guaranteed. You have to chase what you want and do so from a point of authenticity. Who are you really? What do you really want? What works for you so you can achieve the goals you set for yourself?


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[00:01:00] – There are different ways to fake it

[00:03:50] – People think they must look perfect to be taken seriously

[00:06:18] – There is so much pressure to conform at work

[00:09:45] – Happy people spread love, are healthier and make better choices

[00:11:00] – Don’t forget my special offer


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