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A Wealthy Life

Dec 7, 2023


Picture this: you're walking through a field, and you spot a tiny, vibrant orange flower. You love it, but can't quite put into words why. 


That's what our experiences and desires often feel like - beautiful, bright, and sometimes hard to describe, just like that little orange flower.


Discover the power of language and its role in creating a fulfilling life. Through this episode, we examine the equilibrium between stress and joy, the essence of gratitude, and the significance of our actions in aiding others. 


We look into the concept of purpose, and the importance of asking the right questions to uncover hidden opportunities. 


Revealing my personal journey in property development, we highlight the valuable lesson of embracing new knowledge.


We also address the challenge set in our last episode - a reflection on our experiences in 2023, a thoughtful analysis of what brought us joy, what we desired more of and what we wished to limit. 


Hear about a personal instance where language played a vital role in understanding my desire for approval from my father. 


I discuss the importance of setting objectives for the upcoming year, and utilising our privilege in ways that can benefit others - supporting causes such as the Umduduzi Hospice Care for Children charity. 


Tune in as we strive to create the life we want to live.


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Highlights from this episode:


0:04:14 - Discovering Hidden Beauty in Nature 

0:10:36 - Exploring Desires and Emotions for 2023 

0:15:40 - New Understanding and Father's Approval 

0:18:34 - Reflecting on Future Goals and Desires 

0:27:28 - Supporting Palliative Care in South Africa 

Check out the Orange Flower 


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