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A Wealthy Life

Nov 16, 2023

Join me as we explore the profound and inspiring work of Dr. Julia Ambler, a pediatric palliative care specialist in South Africa. 

Julia, a dear friend of mine, is one of the two directors and founders of Umduduzi, a charity that provides palliative care to children. 

With grace and lightness, she helps children who are facing terminal prognosis, and believes it's a privilege to help others. 

In our chat, she discusses her approach to treating patients as whole human beings, not just as a collection of symptoms, and shares insights into how you can help others without taking on their burdens. 

Julia takes us through the inner workings of Umduduzi and how it fills a critical gap in South Africa's healthcare system. 

Beyond medical care, Umduduzi provides a holistic layer of support for children and their families, including emotional, social, economic, and spiritual assistance. 

Julia discusses the logistics of palliative care, the charity's digital referral system, and the distinct aspects of palliative care that sets it apart from traditional nursing. 

We also explore the vital importance of palliative care for children and how Julia draws joy and strength from her work. 

We discuss how taking burdens away from families in difficult times can bring about profound joy and how treating patients as people rather than objects has been a blessing in Julia's life for the past 20 years. 

We also delve into the idea of how helping others can bring comfort and joy to our own lives. 

Join us on this inspiring journey and consider how you can make a difference in someone else's life today.


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Highlights from this episode:

(0:00:11) - The Power of Helping Others

(0:04:49) - Umduduzi

(0:18:23) - Childhood Palliative Care

(0:25:01) - Importance of Palliative Care for Children


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