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A Wealthy Life

Aug 11, 2022

Episode 024: Purpose is the path to a wealthy life


On this week’s episode, I am speaking with Yaa Antwi-Nsiah, a good friend of mine and a Mindset Mentor & Coach.  As a Peak Performance Coach and Lifestyle Architect, she helps women who are ready to reach their next level eliminate negative self-talk and breakthrough what’s been holding them back so they can have clarity, confidence and prosperity in their career and lifestyle.


We’re going to be discussing purpose, mindset and values, particularly how Yaa used a mindful awareness of these principles to transform into an entrepreneur, full-time London transport employee, property investor and coach in the space of several short years. We think of awareness as a map on our wealth journey, and purpose as the destination that guides our actions and decisions all along the way. Without a clear purpose, we may get stuck feeling unfulfilled and directionless. We may not create a strategy or know what success will eventually look and feel like. Yaa is an expert at shifting mindsets to find and align with a purpose that draws you to your wealthy life.



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The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle


Highlights from this episode:

[0:0:30] Let me Introduce Yaa

[0:2:30] Use your map to get somewhere good

[0:8:16] Sometimes you start a journey to collect information

[0:18:13] Once you know what you want, you have a compelling reason

[0:22:36] In this moment, what can I do?

[0:32:28] We are all doing our best

[0:37:30] A rising tide raises all ships


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