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A Wealthy Life

Jul 18, 2024

What if managing your property portfolio could save you a fortune? This week on "A Wealthy

Life," I sit down with returning guest Lisa Oliver to discuss the complex decision of self-
managing HMO properties versus outsourcing.
Lisa's journey from managing her own diverse portfolio to overseeing properties...

Jul 11, 2024

What happens when a seasoned HMO manager decides to conquer the world of commercial property development? 


Join us as Cyril Thomas returns, bringing his infectious energy and invaluable insights. 


He shares the riveting story of spotting a golden opportunity in an old pub and his relentless journey through...

Jul 4, 2024

Welcome to another insightful episode of A Wealthy Life! In today’s episode, "Organic Business Development is part skill and part opportunity," I’m thrilled to introduce you to the higher-level lessons embedded within our next two episodes featuring incredible guests Cyril Thomas and Lisa Oliver.

Join me, as I...

Jun 27, 2024

Ever wondered how a holiday can teach you to live a richer, more fulfilling life? Join me as I unravel this intriguing metaphor on the Wealthy Life podcast. 


Discover how taking a break from your routine can spark creativity, relaxation, and introspection, essential elements for crafting a balanced and prosperous...

Jun 20, 2024

Ever wondered what happens when a property venture goes hilariously wrong? Join me, for this episode as I bring back Craig Hopkins, our seasoned property accountant, for an episode filled with property investment horror stories you won't believe. 


We discuss the importance of thorough market analysis while sharing...