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A Wealthy Life

Nov 24, 2022

Your belief system is an incredibly powerful influence on your behaviour, and by extension your life outcomes. When we believe we deserve and can have success, love, fun and wealth we tend to actually achieve these things.


This happens because our beliefs create our reality; they might cause us to make smarter or more focused decisions, to commit or persevere, to try rather than give up or accept defeat. It is up to you to make sure your beliefs around key goals and achievements are positive, open and conscious.


For example: two different people might both believe money is scarce and we need to be careful with it. Person A believes this means they have to scrimp and save and refrain from making any investments or taking any chances. Person B believes this means they have to do extra research and prepare before making big decisions, but that they should not miss every opportunity. Who do you think will see more success in the long run? Where did the success come from? Their beliefs and attitudes!


I invite you to take a moment to think about your own beliefs and attitudes about money this week, and evaluate where they come from, whether they are serving you, and how you can change them to succeed in the long run. Enjoy the episode, and don’t forget to leave a glowing review!


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[00:01:57] – What have your parents taught you?

[00:04:00] – Your beliefs shape the outcome you’ll have in life

[00:10:35] – What life events have affected your attitudes?

[00:16:00] – The financial belief questionnaire

[00:20:21] – Why we need a younger, smarter generation

[00:27:40] – Your wealthy life is down to you to create


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