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A Wealthy Life

Oct 20, 2023

Episode 86: Jason Graystone - What Are You Teaching Your Kids?


How can we strike a balance between teaching our children financial literacy and not spoiling them?


Welcome back to another episode of A Wealthy Life! In today's episode, I am joined by the insightful Jason Graystone as he dives into the fascinating topic of "What Are You Teaching Your Kids?"


Drawing from our own experiences and beliefs about wealth creation and financial independence, Jason and I will explore how to raise children who are not only financially capable but also humble, hardworking, and driven. We’ll challenge the conventional education system and share our personal approaches to instilling the values of passion, self-awareness, and practical life skills in each of our own children. 


Get ready for an episode filled with thought-provoking anecdotes, practical tips, and a refreshing perspective on raising the next generation of #wealthcreators. It's time to unlock the secrets to guiding your kids towards a fulfilling and prosperous future. Let's dive right in!

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Highlights from this episode:


[00:05:29] Work Hard, Step Out of Comfort Zone

[00:16:21] Different generations, past social norms

[00:24:06] How The School System Pushes Students Towards University Debt

[00:28:38] Innovative Education System Helps Students Find Passion

[00:34:39] Follow Passions, Support Kids In/Outside School

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