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A Wealthy Life

Oct 26, 2023

Episode 87: Cunninghams - Don't Buy the Kids a House - Create Long Term Financial Security


Welcome back to another episode of A Wealthy Life! In today's episode, I, Vicki Wusche, am joined by special guests Liz and David Cunningham. Liz and David are clients of mine who want to provide financial support for their children.


Throughout this episode, the Cunninghams share their journey toward creating long-term financial security through property investment, emphasising the importance of generating a monthly income rather than relying on a lump sum. They dive into the benefits of property investment, including cash flow and the ability to pay off mortgages and pass on unencumbered properties to future generations


Together, we’ll discuss the need for a "starter" and a "finisher" in a team, and how Liz and David’s collaboration was founded on exciting ideas from Liz coupled with support from yours truly. We also delve into practical financial tips and the importance of understanding the real-world application of maths in decision-making.


I’ll also explore the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme, providing insights into how obtaining knowledge and professional development can make landlords more self-reliant. Liz will share her own plans for consolidating her clinics into one, creating additional income from a diversified portfolio of assets, and underscore the significance of taking control of one's money.


Listen in as I share stories from my own experiences, discuss the importance of starting early, and offer valuable insights into leveraging opportunities and smart thinking for long-term financial gains. I also discuss the changing landscape of education and the potential financial burdens it may present for parents.


We hope this episode inspires you to create long-term financial security and support future generations. So sit back, relax, and let's dive in!

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Highlights from this episode:


[00:04:52] How First Conversations Shape Relationship Dynamics


[00:09:24] Maths for The Real World


[00:11:44] The London Landlord Accreditation Scheme

[00:19:22] How Shifting Money Shifts Priorities

[00:22:23] Invest Sooner, Don't Wait and Regret Later

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