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A Wealthy Life

Aug 4, 2022

Ep 023: Awareness is the key to success


In this week’s episode, I kick off our four-part interview series with a conversation with Josh Grecco – a Mindscan-certified business coach from the United States with over a decade of business development experience. His primary focus is on coaching business leaders to harness their REBEL ENERGY in order to live the most fulfilling life possible. He hosts a weekly podcast with a fellow coach, called #truthseekers, where guests share their experiences overcoming obstacles to get to where they are today.

Our conversation touches on the importance of mindset, knowing oneself and the role of a good business coach – hint: we tend to ask a lot of questions. Josh presents a unique tool called Mindscan that helps individuals identify their thought processes so they can put self-awareness to work for them.

This episode will make clear the importance of mindset and self-awareness, and we will present tools and techniques to arm you with these skills while you are building your own wealthy, successful life.


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 My interview on Josh’s podcast 


Highlights from this episode: 

(00:35) Meet Josh Grecco

(02:49) What is mindset and how does it show up in business?

(04:57) We already have enough 

(10:15) Josh’s podcast #truthseekers

(12:00) What is important depends on who you are

(17:04) Is self-awareness key to a happy and successful life?

(21:55) What is a Mindscan? 

(30:05) Get more awareness in your life


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