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UpTalk Podcast

Apr 4, 2023

For the Season 7 Finale, good friend Daniel Sundahl returns to the podcast to catch up on what he has been up to the last few years. Buckle up as we cover lots of topics and go down some rabbit holes! We also talk about two important events that are coming up this year, including the Tema Foundation Education Day where...

Mar 14, 2023

*Trigger Warning = Subject Matter

A great chat with Tim Turner, Military veteran and Director of Operation Pegasus Foundation. He is joined by Operation Pegasus Jump participant Wade Wick. You don’t want to miss this!

Feb 21, 2023

My good friend, Chad Kennedy returns to the podcast to tell us about his experience walking across the country. Hear about the decision to end the walk early, split it into two parts, and finish it off this year.

Feb 7, 2023

Meet Stacey Le Poivre. The former Military Police Officer shares her personal story and how she had found a new way to serve through her work at Operation You Academy. You don’t want to miss this!

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