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UpTalk Podcast

Dec 19, 2018

A great chat with Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Megan McElheran. Learn about the various programs that she facilitates through Wounded Warriors. Also listen to us go on a rant about some PTSD issues! Stream/Download from The Mental Heath News Radio Network, or where you usually get your podcasts! #InThisTogether...

Nov 27, 2018

Get know Josh Mamela. Hear about his struggles with PTSD, and how he got himself to a place where he know has a career helping others that are struggling. Truly an inspirational dude! UpTalk Podcast is brought to you by Project Trauma Support, check them out at Stream UpTalk exclusively on the...

Nov 8, 2018

Get to know Paramedic Derek Davis, and what led him to want to cycle up a volcano in Hawaii to bring awareness to First Responder Mental Health. The UpTalk Gratitude Game has changed a bit, and welcome Project Trauma Support as our title sponsor for the rest of the season!

Oct 22, 2018

Welcome back to UpTalk Podcast! Meet Jean-Guy Poirier, hear his story of hope, and what led him to create the Facebook page, PTSD - The Truth Behind The Smile. Don't forget t play the UpTalk Gratitude Game! Subscribe, Listen, and Share! #InThisTogether #ItsTimeToHaveAChat #MoreLoveLessJudgement

Sep 27, 2018

Dr. Belinda Seagram is a Clinical Psychologist in Falmouth, NS. She has founded Landing Strong, a treatment facility opening in Windsor, NS. Learn about her work, this fantastic new facility, and a new comic book she is also rolling out! Don't forget to play the TemaTalks Gratitude Game! Stream the podcast exclusively...