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Rick Khan podcast

Nov 21, 2022

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If you’re getting Facebook leads, but they don’t convert into REAL sales, then I’m going to reveal THREE Tricks To Generate High-Quality Leads on Facebook ads without spending more!

You see, Most Facebook advertisers find that they can generate low-cost fb leads, but don’t see the level of sales that they want from them.

(When contacting these leads, they don’t turn into customers or clients)

And if this is you…

Then know you’re doing this wrong!

Because your Facebook leads should be converting into sales since you’ve given something in exchange for value.

But with that said.

These three simple tricks will help give you the highest quality lead that will pre-frame your prospect to buy!

And another way to help pre-frame your prospects to buy is to give results in advance so it builds trust, credibility, and authority.
Here you can learn more about how to use facebook’s algorithm to make selling easy: 

And to put your ads in front of your best audience learn how to hack Facebook targeting with this video:

But, if you’re using interests in your targeting make sure to know how to use them post-IOS in this video here: 

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