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Rick Khan podcast

Nov 28, 2022

The EASY way to find and target your best Facebook audience, is when you know how to use Facebook machine learning to match your message with your perfect Facebook audience.

And when you do this, you’ll get the lowest cost for your Facebook leads and Facebook conversions.

That’s why in this episode you’ll learn How To Hack Facebook Ads Targeting Using 5 Algorithm Exploits.

Specifically, you’ll learn different hacks for you to use and leverage such as:

 Facebook broad targeting and Facebook open targeting where you can learn more here: 

And another fb audience hack is using detailed targeting with Facebook interests where you can uncover more here:

And here's the thing...

When you use fb interests you want to use the machine learning in the most effective way where you find what to do right here: 

But one of the top Facebook audiences to target to show your fb ads to is your competitor's audience where you discover how to find and target them right here: