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Rick Khan podcast

Nov 7, 2022

Do you want to know the best budget to spend on your Facebook ads? Then this episode goes through specifically what kind of Facebook budget you should use with your Facebook advertising... ...and how to utilize that in the best way, so you can spend your FB money wisely. Because the truth is. There is no set number of what you should spend on your advertising. Every business is different and you should use your budget in the best possible way. And you’re going to know what that number is for your business, and what type of FB budget you should use. and here's the thing. When trying to figure out your budget, some Facebook advertisers want to know if they should use a lifetime budget over a daily budget. Here is where you can learn which is best for you: Now, part of this strategy is about testing your Facebook ads where I go more into it here: And to help you find the best audience for testing your ads and help you scale with the best Facebook targeting options check this video here: But with that said. Finding your competitor's Facebook interests will be one of the best audiences you can target where you learn how to do that here: Now once you found your winning funnel with your Facebook ads budget and are ready to scale your FB ads, then scale with this video here: