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Rick Khan podcast

Oct 24, 2022

In this Part 2 of How To Write Sales Page Copy In 9 Simple Steps you’ll learn how to take everything in part 1 here:

And start to write a high-converting sales page in the shortest time possible.

Now part 1 of the episode showed you how to gather the correct information for part 2 of this episode.

But, if you want a full deep dive into the copywriting research process you can check this video here:

Now, Each step in this video shows you all the elements required to write copy such as… The offer, Headline, the Lead, and so much more.

And with each step, you can use to write multiple sales pages over and over again. Because ultimately.

Successful copy is when you get as many sales pages in front of your audience to test which works.

And when you find a sales page that works.

You’ll have your very own personal 24/7 sales machine that brings in cash like wildfire.

Now, to help you further advance your copywriting skills.

Here are 5 exercises to improve your copywriting skills whether you’re a beginner or advanced:

And the most potent copywriting tool ever will be your swipe file, where I’ll show you how to build your swipe quickly in this video:

And don't forget to claim your FREE sales campaign blueprint right here: