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Rick Khan podcast

Feb 6, 2023

Want to know the top Facebook ads audience to target using Facebook's machine learning?

Then this episode reveals why you should start using this targeting right now as the future of Facebook advertising is changing fast!

You see.

Facebook profits from its advertisers and the last thing it wants to do is lose you to its competitors.

And with so many data issues Facebook has faced, there fixing their targeting and making it more advanced in the shortest time possible.

And now...

You can take advantage of their algorithms to target the top audience and let Facebook do the work. 

But with that said does this mean Facebook interests are dead?


And here's how to use Facebook interests:

For more about learning Facebook's algorithms for targeting check this video out:

But did you know there's a secret to finding the best Facebook audience to target?

it's your competitor's audience!

here is how you can find each interest your audience is targeting:

Are you ready to take your Facebook Ads to the next level?

If so...we can discuss how we can get you fantastic results...

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Table Of Contents
00:00 - The Future Of Facebook Ads (IMPORTANT)
01:50 - What Is This Facebook Targeting?
02:28 - Misconceptions About the Quality Of this FB Audience
03:12 - Facebook Algorithm Revealed
04:59 - Is This Facebook Targeting Right For You?
07:39 - What About Facebook Interest Targeting?
08:24 - Final Thoughts
08:51 - The Most Important Facebook Interests To Use