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Utility Emergency Response with Isaac Alatorre

Apr 17, 2024

In this episode of the Utility Emergency Response Podcast, Isaac delves into transitioning IT services for government utilities with Baron Wolt from TM Pros, addressing the critical role of emergency and disaster response for utility systems. They explore the complex landscape of IT managed services and their integration with utility management and infrastructure security. Baron discusses the unique challenges and differences that arise when shifting from private to government-tailored IT services. He emphasizes the necessity of complying with strict regulations and prioritizing cybersecurity. Moreover, the conversation highlights the threats posed by social engineering and cyber attacks on utility systems, along with vital strategies to protect these essential operations.


Also in this episode:

  • The district has invested in 7,920 ft of twelve-inch Auraflex hose and corresponding trailers with engines to bypass any potential failure in their wastewater system.

  • Training and practical hands-on sessions were significant in ensuring the district crew's proficiency in deploying and managing the emergency equipment.

  • External vendors played a crucial role in solving logistical challenges, especially for utilities without heavy-duty equipment.


About Isaac Alatorre:

Chairman & Emergency Pipeline Advisor for Water, Wastewater, and Flood Management.

A UC Irvine graduate and beginning his career in safety and emergency supplies, Isaac was trained by David Jackson on all things related to PPS. With the help of his predecessor, he has updated PPS in regard to technology and processes. He believes that PPS has just started to make an impact.

PPS has usually been a West Coast company, but now Isaac believes that PPS can help utilities across the globe with PPS many applications. Not only with pipelines but with emergency response awareness as a whole. He enjoys sports, whiskey, and food.

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