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Investing On Purpose with JP Newman

Mar 29, 2024

In this inspiring episode of Investing on Purpose, JP sits down with Drew Scott, one half of the beloved Property Brothers.

Drew shares his incredible journey from humble beginnings on a ranch to building a massive brand and entertainment empire all focused on helping families live in safe, healthy, and affordable homes. With refreshing honesty and humility, Drew discusses the importance of listening, empathy, and doing business with heart. He also dives into his exciting new ventures aimed at creating innovative solutions for sustainable and accessible housing. 

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00:00 - Introduction

01:52 - Drew's impressive career and reach

04:18 - Growing up on a ranch and learning strong values

09:08 - The importance of being present and having no ego

12:51 - The early days of flipping houses as a hobby

16:43 - The journey to landing Property Brothers on HGTV

19:39 - Real budgets and hard choices on the show

22:22 - Getting into real estate investing and scaling up

26:00 - The value of listening in deals and negotiations

30:51 - Drew's no BS policy and working with good people

35:18 - The Scott Brothers' growing furniture line and focus on affordability

37:03 - The Healthy Home Innovation Fund and investing in sustainable housing solutions

41:28 - The importance of empathy, community, and helping others

44:03 - Balancing personal life with driven professional goals

45:29 - Drew's vision for his legacy and making a larger impact