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Investing On Purpose with JP Newman

Apr 23, 2024

In this episode of Investing on Purpose, JP Newman is joined by marketing savant Ron Lynch for a conversation spanning business acumen, personal transformation, and deep spirituality.

Ron shares his extraordinary journey from grocery store clerk to marketing wizard behind billion-dollar brands, and the pivotal realization that led him to reexamine his life's purpose.

The two discuss the key principles behind Ron's marketing success, the stages of development for men, and the importance of shifting from a transactional to a transcendent approach to life and work. Packed with wisdom and entertaining anecdotes, this episode will make you reexamine how you define success and fulfillment, both in business and in your spiritual journey. 


00:00:00 - Introduction

00:03:58 - How Ron became an expert marketer

00:06:43 - Key principles for successful marketing

00:16:58 - Ron's success and transformation

00:28:59 - Shifting from transactional to transcendent living

00:36:47 - Stages of development for men

00:49:29 - Optimism for the future and final advice