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The White Rabbit

Feb 28, 2023

Matt and Alper go into three skills fundamental to everyone's success in life. In fact, they are so fundamental that Matt, a professional communications trainer, recently felt the need to improve them in himself. Today he mentions what they are and how he is going about "sharpening the sword."



Feb 23, 2023

Matt lays out a piece of advice he gives to clients about "seeding," or "planting," questions during the presentation, and Alper gives some feedback on whether Matt's is a good piece of advice or not.

Feb 14, 2023

Matt and Alper expound on choosing images for your presentations, including the idea that maybe, just maybe, a less-attractive photo might help you more than a more attractive photo. 

They also go into the need to distribute questions throughout the presentation, rather than saving them up for the famous "Questions?"...