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The White Rabbit

Aug 24, 2023

Alper goes into the traits he sees making for a successful client. They are 1. Recognizing the power of exceptional communications, 2. Understanding that this is not an overnight process, 3. Recognizing the fine line between persuasion and fit, and 4. Understanding that a "no" today is not a "no" forever.

Also, if...

Aug 15, 2023

Matt describes what he sees as the three traits of clients who get the most out of the training. The traits are: 1. A history of serial problem solving, 2. A frustration coming from one of life's slaps in the face, and 3. The fear of god (an external force that makes them want to solve the problem that #2 brought to...

Aug 11, 2023

Matt asks Alper for advice on how to handle a crisis of confidence his clients often face shortly after starting work.


Aug 4, 2023

Alper goes into how AI is affecting his slide design work, and in particular how he reduces its impact.

In short: Even if the AI image quality were perfect, which it's definitely not, the legal situation is too fluid, so go with your tried-and-true techniques: Make your own images, or use stock photography.

Also, Matt...