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The White Rabbit

Oct 17, 2023

Jonathan Stark guests on the podcast again, this time to tell us how to have a conversation that will uncover the real reason the client has called you in.

Jonathan outlines the three specific questions to ask, plus why it's so important to just sit there for a bit and let the client do the "brain dump." Also, the value...

Oct 12, 2023

In this episode, guest Jonathan Stark, the king of not billing hourly, goes into how he came to the realization that hourly billing is a huge mistake, how hourly rates are actually "corrosive" to your relationship with your client, and how moving past them ushers in a huge mindset change. 

Also, dear listeners, feel no...

Oct 5, 2023

Alper riffs on a subject a guest brought up recently, that maybe the pushback you get during your presentation isn't about you, it is legitimate questions about your idea. We tend to take things personally (after all, we're human, at least most of us), but as Alper says, it's "crucial" to separate pushback related to...