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The White Rabbit

Mar 19, 2024

This goes out to all the people out there in their mid-30s who say "My technical skills got me where I am now, so they'll be enough to keep me going."

If that's you, you're absolutely correct about the first part, your technical wizardry, and your development of it, worked great for the first 10 years of your...

Mar 12, 2024

A couple weeks ago, Alper went into the spiritual side of the business for him. Today we turn the tables on Matt and make him explain the spiritual side from his perspective, and it has to do with bringing peace to others, but not in the way that phrase is usually used.

Mar 7, 2024

Berk Temuroğlu goes into corporate managers adopting a founder mindset (and vice versa), the importance of integrating the problem/solution cycle into your communications, and including risk in the ROI calculation.

Berk, being that he has one foot in the startup world and another foot in the corporate world, points out...