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May 21, 2022

Tech Lawyer tells all...well, nearly! Protecting Start-up Founders from kick-off to Exit!-How an Irish Lawyer gets tech and enables Founder success! Gavin Bluett with MacSweeney & Company makes it easier for Founders to focus on Product development and scaling by advising on potential risks.
Gavin’s Tips & Takes for Founders and maturing business owners range from “What's the right pre-nup for Start-up Founders” to “ It’s all about preparing for the Exit, when you Start-up”. 

ADAPTERSTechX is for everyone in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Retail or any service business. Your Tech world has probably been turned upside down. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Now, more than ever, you need insight, intelligence, and a bit of inspiration. The ADAPTERSTechX unpacks the TECH STACK, takes the complicated and makes it understood. Listen and engage with TECH THOUGHT LEADERS "TTL's" from Coders, CTO/CIO's, Investors, Lawyers, Owners, Users and Product developers that frame the Tech Stack that powers the Service Industry. We make it easy to grab TIPS and TAKES on how to power up your business - how can you afford not to listen, learn and participate! Join the Community now -

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