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This is Problematic!

Sep 16, 2022

Join Hannah and Easton for a discussion with Dr Liza Black about Native American Representation and Misrepresentations throughout American Culture and Media. This discussion spans the range of sports to film and includes recommendations for how to diversify your media consumption. 

Dr. Liza Black:

Her IU bio:

Liza’s website:

Follow @_Liza_Black on Twitter

Order a copy of Liza’s first book “Picturing Indians: Native Americans in Film, 1941-1960” here:

Liza’s chapter about Savanna Greywind and the Abduction of Haisley Jo Greywind can be found in “The Routledge Companion to Gender and the American West” Edited by Susan Bernardin here:

Recommended social media follows (remember to follow your own interests!) but here are a few called out in the pod:

  • @connie_walker on Twitter
    • Her podcast-Stolen: Surviving St. Michael’s

  • Up and Vanished podcast-Season 3 Episode 5 “Blackfeet Nation”


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“History of Progress.” (2020), 

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S. E., Wilmer. Native American Performance and Representation. Tucson, Az: The University of Arizona Press, 2009.