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The Media Play News Podcast

Dec 14, 2022

It’s a face-off between digital download movies to collect versus buying physical box sets of movie franchises and TV shows. New York Times releases an out of touch “Best of 2022” list of movies. James Cameron does his best to talk up Avatar 2 and the future of the franchise. With everything he’s saying you’d get a pass if you thought this movie is destined to single-handedly end all streaming services and lead to a golden age of in-theater-only cinema.



Blank Check with Griffin & David

James Cameron Says 'Avatar 4' "Goes Nuts" and Studio Executive Said “Holy F*ck” After Reading Script by Ross Bonaime

NYT Top Movies of 2022

‘Top Gun,’ ‘Yellowstone’ Among Most Notable Boxed Sets Available During Holidays by John Latchem


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