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The Media Play News Podcast

Dec 21, 2022

Avatar 2 has finally released, and we’ve got a gauntlet of James Cameron interviews from multiple points of his career to peek into the mind behind the movie. Following up is an exhaustive list of movies to check out during the long holiday weekend. Merry Christmas!



'Avatar: The Way of Water' Leads Global Box Office With $435 Million Tidal Wave - Driven by 3D by Erik Gruenwedel


James Cameron interviews:

James Cameron & Robert Rodriguez Interview: Why Avatar 2 Is Dangerous - Variety by Brent Lang

Interview | James Cameron Says 'Avatar' Can Inspire Environmental Change - Mandatory by John Gaudiosi

Man of Extremes | The New Yorker by Dana Goodyear

The Return of James Cameron, Box Office King | GQ by Zach Baron


Charlie’s feel-good Christmas movie list:

Pusher 3: I’m the Angel of Death

Force Majeure

I Saw the Devil

The Fellowship of the Ring (extended edition)


Gone Girl

The Foreigner


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Nightmare Before Christmas


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