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The Media Play News Podcast

Apr 28, 2022

This week we look at the fallout from Netflix's Q1 earnings and streaming platform news.

We also cover release dates for steelbook special editions for Cabin in the Woods, Grease 2, the restored release of Charles Bronson's Violent City, and more.


Cabin in the Woods by John Latchem

Grease 2 by Stephanie Prange

Violent City by Kirk Sanderson

Doula by Stephanie Prange

MacGyver: The Complete Series by Stephanie Prange

End of the Line by Stephanie Prange

Where the Scary Things Are by Stephanie Prange

Row 19 by Stephanie Prange

Compartment No. 6 by Stephanie Prange

Analysts Weigh in Following Netflix’s Black Tuesday Financial Report by Erik Gruenwedel

Analyst: Netflix’s Pain Could be Redbox’s Gain by Erik Gruenwedel

CNN+ Subscription Streaming Service to Shut Down After Just One Month of Operation by Erik Gruenwedel