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Compact Podcast

Nov 9, 2023

Pro-Palestine Protests scheduled for Armistice Day cause controversy and concern in the UK, Biden is polling beneath Trump, but the rest of the GOP has poor showing on local and ballot measure election night 2023, and several marijuana legalization measures pass even in Red States.

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In This Episode:

[00:00] - Controversy in London re: Pro-Palestine Armistice Day Protests

[17:00] - How will the US Response to Israel-Palestine affect the Muslim voting bloc in 2024?

[22:30] - Biden now polling beneath Trump, many Biden voters willing to switch to Trump for 2024.

[26:56] - Election Night 2023 results for local, special, state and ballot measures displays a disunited and visionless Republican Party outside of Trump’s federal vision

[33:42] - Republicans are fighting the wrong culture war: Why abortion may be a losing issue

[40:20] - What do ballot measures to legalize marijuana in Red States reflect about Republican and Independent voters? 

[46:05] - The GOP Primary Debate in Miami: Another meaningless VP audition