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Compact Podcast

Sep 24, 2023

Geoff Shullenberger joins Matthew Schmitz to discuss his latest Compact contribution “What BAP Learned From Feminism.”


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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

[00:00] Why read BAP (Bronze Age Pervert)?

[03:10] BAP’s thesis: Philosophy is born from eugenics – what does this mean and what is the appeal of his writing?

[07:43] BAP adopts the feminist viewpoint of history and transvaluates it to advocate for elitist patriarchy

[12:03] Is BAP correct that the matriarchy dominated primordial humanity?

[14:52] Is BAP correct that the matriarchy is dominating today’s western world?

[18:44] How our modern society already practices the type of Eugenics BAP claims to want - even if it’s impolite to speak about it.

[21:16] What is the difference between modern eugenics and BAP’s proposed version?

[24:29] Aristocratic elites produced both beautiful works of high culture and mediocre slush throughout history – brief detour into exploring alternative biographies of William Shakespeare.

[26:06] Why do liberals hate BAP?

[28:27] Examining folk-matriarchal mythologies from 1960s Feminism to today

[30:18] Is BAP worthy of being taken seriously by intellectuals or is he just a meme?