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Compact Podcast

Sep 21, 2023

Trump announces he will skip the second Republican Primary debate to visit striking auto workers, the Biden Administration distances itself from 2010s progressivism, and NGOs and academic groups centered around identity politics are losing funding. Sohrab Ahmari, Nina Power, and Geoff Shullenberger join Matthew Schmitz.



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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

[00:00] Trump is skipping the second Republican Debate to visit striking auto-workers - will he talk about helping labor or just focus on anti-green talking points?

[08:41] The UK’s parallel labor situation and how Rishi Sunak is responding

[10:35] “Where has all the left wing money gone?” - Is the center left distancing itself from Progressivism? Do liberal voters have the emotional energy to truly resist another Trump campaign?

[16:45] Does the public think Woke Ideology is a grift? Left vs Right wing grifting

[19:12] Ibram X Kendi’s research institute at Boston University is laying off employees

[22:00] The history of the Antiracism movement and reflecting on whether Antiracism research is more activism or academe