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Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell

Jul 26, 2021

Because I’ve long feared that the next world war will begin in Iran, I spoke with Trita Parsi, considered by many to be the leading scholar of U.S.-Iran relations, about the ongoing conflict between American foreign policy makers and the mullahs who lead the Islamic Republic. Trita’s website:...

Jul 20, 2021

I was joined by Anthony Esolen, an esteemed critic of the modern world, to discuss the benefits of living in connection to the past. Anthony’s Wikipedia page, which includes a list of his publications: RENEGADE UNIVERSITY WEEKEND IN TEXAS Featuring Scott Horton, Hotep...

Jul 14, 2021

I spoke with Hamilton Morris, host and director of the Vice documentary series Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, which has hastened the revolution of drugs in the United States. Hamilton’s podcast: RENEGADE UNIVERSITY WEEKEND IN TEXAS Featuring Scott Horton, Hotep Jesus, Cody Wilson,...

Jul 9, 2021

Was it the Big Steal or is it the Big Lie? I spoke with David Clements, a professor of law and business at New Mexico State University, who has led the effort to declare the 2020 presidential election fraudulent. Now, you can decide. David Clements’ “The Professor’s Record” website