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Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell

Mar 24, 2022

Just six weeks before he is scheduled to enter prison, Daniel Muessig joined me to tell his story of rising to the top of the Pittsburgh underworld, telling the government to go fuck itself in the most spectacular fashion imaginable, and paying the price for it.  




Mar 23, 2022

Cody Wilson returns to Unregistered to talk about the latest developments in the legality of homemade firearms, what the Biden administration is doing in regard to Ghost Guns, and his new answer, the "Zero Percent Receiver."

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Mar 20, 2022

This was the first Unregistered Live Conference, on the politics of COVID-19, featuring two of the most brilliant commentators on the events of the last two years I know: Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute, who organized the Great Barrington Declaration, and Geoffrey Shullenberger of New York University and the...

Mar 9, 2022

The host of the acclaimed history podcast Martyrmade, Darryl Cooper, joined me to discuss his groundbreaking work on the Palestine-Israel conflict and the history of the People’s Temple, many of whose members lived in my childhood neighborhood.


Mar 4, 2022

Michael Michailidis, the author and host of the Youtube channels Ancient Greece Revisited and On Tyranny, joined me from his home in Athens to evaluate the usefulness of antiquity and the consequences of the “radical new project” of modernity.