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The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

While you might expect a vendor to always have your back (you are paying them, after all) that’s not something you should count on. In fact, it’s good business practice to expect that they might not have your back.


Two people who have learned this painful lesson are Patrick Kinsella and Armon Aghaie of 1Path. Patrick, Managing Director, and Armon, VP of Sales & Sales Engineering, join host Andy Anderson on The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast to share a story of a vendor who didn’t support them in their time of need, and how 1Path completely changed its business model as a result. 


The episode begins with Patrick setting the scene: a Friday morning in which a very dispersed national workforce can’t log into their mobile devices to enable them to get paid nor allow the employer to bill clients. To make matters worse, the vendor refuses to assist in fixing the situation, claiming that it cannot be sure the end user, 1Path’s client, didn’t execute the action that led to the chaos in the first place.


Andy, Patrick, and Armon also discuss:

- the process whereby the situation was eventually resolved 
- who the likely culprits were
- how those culprits probably pulled it off


But, most importantly, you’ll hear how 1Path assessed how the situation had played out and committed to a more collaborative relationship with its customers to prevent situations like this from happening again in the future. 

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