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The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast

Jun 22, 2022

As ransomware and other cyberattacks become less frequently something that people only hear about on the news, and more often something that has touched them personally, the importance of being prepared for such attacks should be a big priority.


Someone who has been part of a team that has handled over 100 ransomware attacks is Stu Panensky, Partner at FisherBroyles LLP. He helps counsel firms through cybersecurity or data privacy events and that’s why he’s a perfect guest for the latest episode of The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast.


Host Andy Anderson starts the conversation by asking Stu about a “Christmas miracle” ransomware situation in which a threat actor had attacked a K-12 school district a few days before the Christmas vacation.


Andy and Stu go on to discuss:

  • the importance of putting in a little extra effort in communicating with threat actors (you often see better results as a consequence)
  • why an incident response plan is at the core of most successful outcomes in cybercrime scenarios (preparation means less scrambling when a given scenario materializes)
  • the many stakeholders (and their complex relationships) that can be affected by a cyberattack

Stu champions outsourcing parts of this process to trusted vendors, and advocates a “trust but verify” method with vendors, ensuring you know what’s in your agreement and what their obligations are in case of an attack.

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