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The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast

Apr 13, 2022

While there are lots of articles about cyberattacks, it’s often hard to track down stories of those who had to help customers get back up and online after one happens.


One of those business owners who had to do just that when the Kaseya cyberattack hit is Jay Tipton, CEO and Owner of Technology Specialists, and our guest for this episode of The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast. Jay and his team have 50 clients on retainer and they had to clean over 500 workstations and 80 servers to get their clients up and running again. 


The discussion begins with the events of the day of the cyberattack: where Jay was, what the early warning signs were, and what had to be done first, which included Jay going into his Network Operation Center (NOC) and pulling plugs from the wall and turning everything off.


We also discuss:


  • How team members and clients pitched in to help
  • FBI guidance on which clients should get priority 
  • The personal and professional impact of such an attack


What makes this episode especially interesting is Jay’s willingness to be vulnerable and share a lot of the challenges he had to go through with his team and what he learned. 


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