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The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast

Jul 27, 2022

While cybercrime is relatively new, criminals tend to organize themselves in traditional ways.


Vincent D’Agostino, Head of Cyber Forensics and Incident Response at BlueVoyant, has had plenty of experience with traditional organized crime during his time at the FBI which has given him insights into his current work in cybercrime. That experience and those insights make him a perfect guest for The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast.


Vincent and host Andy Anderson discuss:

  • that cybercrime crews, like businesses, have niches, and hence no business is entirely safe from attack
  • the hierarchy and “outsourcing” methods used by some of the top-level cybercrime organizations
  • how and why criminals are “early adopters” of the newest technology and software


You’ll also hear how geopolitics and US federal law factor into how ransomware is deployed and paid for (or sometimes not).


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