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The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast

Jul 13, 2022

We read about ransomware cases in the news but it’s not often that we get to hear one of the “good guys” share their step-by-step process for solving a case.


Luckily one of the good guys, Devon Ackerman, Practice Lead & Head of #DFIR Services for North America at Kroll, is sharing details of two cases on this episode of The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast. Before moving to Kroll, Devon spent the better part of a decade at the FBI, where he worked on traditional and digital aspects of crime.


Devon goes into detail about two particular incidents; one about employee theft and the other about a hospital that was hit. We learn:

  • why law firms often have to help build a narrative and find evidence before law enforcement takes over
  • the importance of traditional sleuthing techniques alongside ever-developing cyber best practices
  • why ransomware doesn’t just “happen”

We hope you enjoy this “inside look” as much as we did!

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