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The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast

Jun 15, 2022

It might be easy to characterize cyber criminals as random threat actors, but plenty of them work within sophisticated organizations that function like legitimate businesses.

Someone who has observed their behaviors up close is Mark Lance, Senior Director of Cyber Defense at GuidePoint Security. On this episode of The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast, host Andy Anderson asks Mark to share some of his observations and experiences to give insight into the mindset of these threat actors.

Andy and Mark discuss:

  • the different types of threat actors and their differing motivations
  • how criminal organizations have their own IT support and HR departments
  • why no organization, no matter how small or niche, is immune from attack

You’ll also hear Mark deconstruct some incidents he’s responded to, including the breach of a celebrity’s email account, which almost led to a theft of $2.5M.

The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast
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