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The Cyber Crime Lab Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

We might think of foreign spy espionage as something that only happens to businesses in the military or defense sector, but it’s something that can happen to “regular” businesses that have nothing to do with military assets or foreign policy.


That’s a message that James Turgal, VP at Optiv Inc (and former Executive Assistant Director of the FBI) shares with us on the latest episode of the Cyber Crime Lab Podcast. James discusses a particular case in point to show that cyber crime can happen to anyone, anytime.


James also talks about:

  • The “very long-range” approach of China to acquisition of trade secrets
  • Why data safety should be a company-wide policy
  • What the priorities are for a victim of a ransomware attack

You’ll also hear James draws on his 20 years of experience with the Bureau to share how the FBI can help businesses get back some or all of the ransoms that are paid.


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