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Common Sense from the Midwest

Jun 29, 2022

Sam rejoins the Region Rush Hour for a day, and he and Tony Panek get into Roe v Wade being overturned, the latest with the Governor's race in Illinois, and what's going on in the state house in Indiana.

Jun 21, 2022

Sam takes a look at our ever increasing disaster of an economy under Joe Biden and the world's swimming organization (FINA) effectively bans transgender athletes from competing. 

Jun 16, 2022

Steve Baker joins Sam to talk about the January 6th Commission, the future of an American society inundated by legacy media with garbage, and the upcoming midterms possible effect on our lives if the Republicans win.

Jun 7, 2022

Sam Looks at the biggest issues according to voters for this year's midterm elections, and how things that separate Americans into categories like "Pride" month make us more divided as a society.

Jun 1, 2022

Sam looks at the hyperventilating being done after the Uvalde shooting and where the Detroit Tigers donations from certain ticket sales are going.