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Leaders in Medical Billing

Dec 19, 2023

In this episode of Leaders in Medical Billing, our guest Robert Kowalik shares his unique journey from being a physical therapist to transitioning into the billing side. With experience in running a private practice and managing a billing team, Robert saw an opportunity to help other physical therapy practices with their billing needs. He started by focusing on accounts receivable conversion and gradually evolved his approach to a specialty-focused, parallel process billing system. Tune in to learn more about Robert's insights and experiences in the medical billing industry.
Time stamps
[00:00:13] Transition from physical therapy
[00:07:26] The biggest time inflator.
[00:09:41] Variable rate structure for billing.
[00:16:38] The black hole concept.
[00:17:14] Turning billing into business intelligence. [
00:23:44] The focus needs to be on the other side of the scale.
[00:26:03] Converting billing team to BI team.