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Leaders in Medical Billing

Apr 18, 2024

Join Chanie Gluck as she navigates the complex aftermath of the Change Healthcare cyberattack alongside Landon Tooke, COO and Chief Compliance Officer at Impact Healthcare Solutions. In this insightful episode, they discuss the latest developments and strategies for strengthening cybersecurity in the healthcare sector.

Show Notes:

  •  Chanie sets the stage, discussing her experience and the focus of today’s episode—the Change Healthcare cyberattack.
  •  Landon, a seasoned healthcare attorney, gives an update on the current situation regarding Change Healthcare, explaining the sequence of events that led to the recent data breaches and the implications for healthcare providers and revenue cycle management (RCM) companies.
  • Detailed breakdown of the cyberattacks by Black Cat, subsequent responses by Change Healthcare, and the emergence of Ransom Hub, a new threat actor claiming possession of sensitive data.
  •  Discussion on how the breach has sparked debates over healthcare data security, antitrust concerns, and the potential reevaluation of large healthcare mergers.
  • [Cybersecurity Focus]: Emphasis on the importance of maintaining cybersecurity vigilance, investing in protective measures, and considering cybersecurity insurance as essential parts of healthcare operations.
  • Conclusion: Chanie and Landon reflect on the broader implications of the cyberattack and stress the need for continuous improvement in cybersecurity strategies within the healthcare industry.


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