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Leaders in Medical Billing

Dec 5, 2023

In this episode of Leaders in Medical Billing, our guest Christopher Turner shares his journey with implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in his company. Christopher explains how he transitioned from being a founder to a CEO and the role that EOS played in transforming his business. He discusses his experiences with Vistage, a peer advisory group, and how he learned to manage and run a business. Christopher also shares his initial confusion when asked about his company's operating system and how he discovered the benefits of EOS through another member's success story. Tune in to learn more about the impact of EOS on company culture and Christopher's journey as a leader in the medical billing space.
[00:00:25] Implementing EOS and transforming companies.
[00:04:34] Replicating and scaling a business.
[00:09:31] Culture and company success.
[00:12:28] Investing in meaningful benefits.
[00:19:30] Billing issues in healthcare.
[00:21:19] Pervasive issues in medical billing.
[00:26:39] Confusion with medical billing.
[00:29:43] Future of humanity.